Christina Vlădescu

Christina Vlădescu


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Christina Vlădescu, a Partner at Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații, is specialised in the litigation and arbitration. She has built up a recognised business litigation practice by effectively combining a thorough understanding of the local judicial system with impressive advocacy skills as a trusted legal adviser and pleading lawyer.
Such an in-depth knowledge has been pivotal in her achieving favourable results for the firm’s clients before Romanian courts at all levels, including the High Court of Cassation and Justice and the Constitutional Court of Romania.
In particular, Christina has argued and briefed numerous complex civil cases and disputes among professionals, concerning ownership and other real rights, civil and commercial agreements, enforcement, various contractual and tort liability cases, corporate law litigation (shareholder disputes, withdrawals and buy-outs from the company, annulment of GMS resolutions), as well as unfair competition matters.
Furthermore, Christina has also an extensive experience in providing legal assistance and representation services in administrative and fiscal law matters, in a wide range of administrative contencious and tax disputes, litigation seeking the annulment of individual or normative administrative acts issued by the authorities, administrative agreements, the challenge of public procurement procedures, concessions. In addition, she has an important practice in managing arbitration cases.
She is fluent in English.

Relevant Matters:

  • Coordinator of the legal team retained by important companies active in the renewable energy sector, in connection with several tax disputes on the annulment of the Minister of Public Finance’s Order No. 1210/2014 and of the Central Fiscal Committee’s Decision No. 5/2014 (with an impact on the classification and taxation of wind turbine towers as buildings) and on the annulment of the subsequent administrative and taxation acts issued by various local public authorities which provide for client’s obligation to pay significant amounts of money as building tax for the wind turbine towers (over EUR 20,000.000).
  • Coordinator of the legal team retained by an important group of companies managing the sanitation services for assistance and representation in connection to a series of administrative claims, i.e. claims arising from sanitation service management contracts, as well as disputes on the annulment of administrative acts and public procurement disputes (over EUR 10,000,000).
  • Coordinator of the legal team retained by a Romanian local municipality for assistance and representation in a complex dispute involving the termination of a JV agreement and related claims in connection with Râșnov Citadel. 
  • Coordinator of the legal team retained by one of the leading GSM retailers on the local market for assistance and representation in a complex dispute on the regulatory field of permanent commercial agents involving damages of approximately EUR 13,000,000, arising from the non-performance and/or inappropriate performance of the contractual obligations undertaken by the opposite party as stipulated under the agency agreement.